Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Recycled Beauty - The Rug of the Week

Why would anyone buy a repaired rug? The answers are many: 1. A repaired rug is usually one that was very good quality in the first place. 2. The cost of a repaired rug is a fraction of a non-repaired of similar value. 3. You are doing your bit for world-wide recycling. 4. You won't worry if your kids, dog, husband walk on it. 5. You can hide the repair under some furniture anyway..... Well you get the picture (actually 2 pictures in this case). This 70-80 year old Persian Kashan is very heavy and is in generally very good condition. You can see that the pile has been rewoven in a number of areas (on the close-up photo) Pile loss was probably do, in this case, to wool moths. This is NOT the best repair job I have seen, but the result is a rug, that sold new for many thousands of dollars, selling now for only $450, right now the lowest price I have on any room sized rug. The truth is, that unless the repair is pointed out, most people don't seem to notice anyway! Click on photo to enlarge!